The Music of Sharon Scholl

Welcome to Songs for the Spirit.

The music on this website has accumulated over a 30 year period because it was needed for a particular group or individuals. I write music for use tailored to people of ordinary abilities who enjoy singing or playing instruments.

The choral music should be useful for churches of varied orientations, though much has been created for liberal theological situations.

The many settings of the Psalms were inspired by the very poetic modern versions of them written by the Reverend John Young, now of San Francisco for his book "Creation Songs".

Most of the texts are my poems, tailored for particular contexts in which they were useful. Others are used by permission of the authors, publishers, or estates.

I hope you find the musical style conventional enough to suit the ears of most listeners and different enough to be enjoyable to learn.

Trees in Tubs

    by Sharon Scholl

Along a mid-town street,
   poking green fingers into smog,

stirring it gently into waves and eddies,
   trees flutter in traffic wind.

Their leaf edges curl and brown
   from heat, trunks gather dust,

hugging it like thin wallpaper.
   Welcome for the eyes, lift

for crushed spirits,
   they grace the street

like banners in a ruined church.
   Giving so much by standing

painfully with roots compressed
   like Chinese ladies’ bound feet.